Dine and Dasher gets shamed...
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McMadness @ don't jump the counter and get your ass beat dot com
Wow. Any thoughts?

constant mofo-ery
I work at a used book store; we are required to take in used books for trade. Customers come up carrying bags of God-knows-what, and plop them on the counter. So I say something like " Ok, if you will go ahead and leave those there, I will ring up a credit for you while you shop for more items." So what usually happens? Does said customer go about their own merry way to procure more books? Of course not. They stand there giving me the stink eye, and making my blood pressure go up from the constant unwanted scrutiny. A lot of times they will tell me " Oh, I'll wait, I'm in a hurry." So, since they are in a HURRY, (and I really don't want them standing in front of me staring across my counter at me anyway) , I put it in gear and do the credit for them extra quick.And damn me for a liar if almost all of these people who are in such an all-fire hurry don't slow-walk their fat old asses into the used room, where they stay for about half an hour. Then they usually come back to the counter just in time to get in line behind some other asshat doing the same thing. So now I have TWO groups of dumbasses staring at me. I don't mind doing the crap I am paid to do, thats why I am there; I just hate being lied to and having to jump thru hoops for someone who can't even have the integrity not to lie to me over something so petty. GRRRRR.


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